Peter Doll
Applied Geoinformatics

Hi, my name is Peter and I studied Applied Geoinformatics on the University of Salzburg. I graduated in summer 2014 (M.Sc.). I will show you some projects I did my master programm as well as from my bachelor studies of Landscape Architecture. If you want to know more about me, please contact me.

Bikeways in my Home Town

On March 16th 2014 there were council elections in Bavaria (Germany). For a local political group I made a map with biketrails in and around the town. This map is my first made with Leaflet. It is also the first time I tried out jQuery.

A Campus Information System for the University of Applied Sciences in Weihenstephan

This image shows the result of my Bachelors Thesis in Landscape Architecture at the University of Applied Sciences in Weihenstephan (Germany). I made a prototype of a Campus Information System hosted on ArcGIS online.

Routing on a Campus

Based on my Bachelors Thesis, I made a routing service for the campus in ArcMap. The campus is quite large and it's not easy to find the right paths, especially for visitors or students in the first semester. There are further informations on the poster below.

Routing in a Building

For one example building I made a 3D routing. It's based on a model within ArcScene. Here you can see the 3D Model with one example route provided with the CityEngine Web Viewer.

Construction of a new street - Simulation

For the class "Cartography and Geovisualization" a friend and I made a small animation in ArcMap. It's the simulation of a fictive street.

Just another Simulation

This is another simulation made in ArcScene and post produced in Blender. You can see the building of the natural science faculty of the University of Salzburg and the land use around it.

Web Map with Google Maps API

This web map was made as a small project in the course "Application Development for Geo-Browsers". It demonstrates some functionalities of the API.

Administrative Border
Enter a place name in the search box and press the search button. You will then get a list of matching place names. Then you click on one of the place names and the map above will display the chosen place.

12/21/2012 - Doomsday Tweets

In the course "Location Based Services" we got Twitter data (geo-referenced Tweets) from December 2012 of the whole world. The aim was to analyze the data by using a self-defined hypothesis. My group and I decided to search for tweets concerning the assumed worlds end on 21st of December. We focused on Europe and made a small animation out of it.